How PBX Telephony system will save money to your business

One telephone line may be split into several using a PBX system, allowing your staff to take multiple calls from consumers at once while only paying for one line. What a terrific technology! Find out more here.

Maybe you recently lose a customer because you couldn’t answer more than a certain numbers of calls at a times, or maybe you read frustrated customers comments in your company review, telling everyone that their call didn’t get answer, that line were always busy, or that the staff that answered them had not the required knowledge neither the capacity to help them. Or maybe as a business owner you simply want to reduce your telephone costs. At Relevate we advise and provide the PBX systems and the right SIP Trunking provider that is correctly adapted to your company capabilities, goals and needs. 

Five benefits Private Branch Exchange (PBX) brings to your company

  • 1 Improved Communication

First things first, what is a PBX system and a SIP Provider and why would your business ever need it ? 

Also called VOIP Telephony, PBX system works as the central server of the telephone system of your enterprise, so that communication is at its best, both inside as your colleagues can call each other, but also outside of the company when customers or suppliers are calling.

  • 2 Cost savings

Installing a PBX system is already advantageous inside your company as it will delete the need to pay one line for each of your employees: PBX system is your only telephone line, each of your employees telephone is an extension of that line: you pay for one telephone line only. Not only are internal calls getting easier with a PBX system, but the biggest change for your enterprise happens for external calls (with customers or suppliers). In fact a PBX system, when it is coupled with a SIP Trunk provider, can support up to hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous calls with a single physical link. 

  • 3 Scalability

Like mentioned above, PBX systems coupled with your SIP Trunk provider are highly scalable and can be easily adjusted to accommodate a company’s growing needs. It allows you to effortlessly add or remove lines as your organization evolves and expands. It may be difficult and time consuming to add or remove lines from a standard PSTN infrastructure.

  • 4 Advanced features enhance your productivity

As a business owner you want to be able to manage a high influx of calls, and share critical data between employees. At Relevate we can provide you an IP PBX system (cloud based) which allows you to include crucial features for your business such as rings group, queues, digital receptionists/ interactive voice menu, transfer queue, voicemails, reporting, intercoms… and much more!

  • 5 Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty

PBX systems provide a more reliable and consistent call experience for customers, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty: when multiples customers calls you, each clients will be granted a SIP Trunk ( an extended line of your business number) which the PBX will deliver according to the preset rules that you the business owner decided: like illustrated in the schema, the call will be either directed to the interactive voice response (IVR) so customers are directed according to their need to a person capable and with the capability of helping them. Or they can be simply directed to a ring group or intercom.

In summary PBX system helps your company to handle large call volumes more efficiently and provide an overall better customer experience.

Why is it important ?

Whether you’re a large company or SME, multi-line phone system used in a professional environment has become critical for any business and Relevate can help you choose and implement the right system for your business according to your scale/ need, business model, working methods or infrastructure. 

PBX telephone system may be able to meet all of your communication needs at a far cheaper price than any alternative.
To help you keep one step ahead of the competition, we provide PSTN system migration.
By using our services, you may wind up saving money while gaining additional functionality, flexibility, and sound quality that is better and can be adjusted to your changing needs.

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