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Get people you can rely on

We provide the infrastructure for your teams to thrive.


Professional Virtual Staffing

Our virtual staffing tools provide cost savings, increased flexibility and access to a global talent pool
Our remote staff refers to employees who are working from home anywhere in the world.

High quality staff

All our employees posses a combination of skills and experience which leads to qualities to make them exceptional at their job
Our staff also adapt quickly to changing circumstances and take on new challenges.

Great people from around the world

See what our customers have accomplished with our help.


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Revenue Potential

A Professional Environment

Hardware and equipment such as laptops, servers etc are up to date high quality and fast.
Workspaces are large, modern and there is plenty of room to work comfortably.

Quality Facilities

Well-maintained, clean office space that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for employees
Our teams are paid well and on a fortnightly basis. They are reliable, punctual and take initiative in their work

Professional Environment

Many outsourcing firms treat their people like cattle, we treat our people with dignity and respect.


Advanced Outsourcing Services

Are you thinking of going global but not sure where to start? We can help you scout a location, negotiate with landlords, find a fitout supplier, project manage the build and avoid getting a bad deal.

In country presence

We have a great presence in India, one that is well connected and able to effectively navigate to complete tasks.
We have networks and connections that most people dream of having when they first decide to operate in another country.

Project Mangement

Our projects are lead by our very skilled staff who can effectively lead the teams to complete projects on time as well as within the budget,
Even if you want to go it alone, we can help guide you through the process.

Our Partners

Relevate People is part of the Relevate Group. A group of related companies that help businesses with their digital technology. Relevate consulting is a CRM and ERP consultancy, Rippa Hosting is a webhost and Lance IT is an IT Managed Serice Provider.